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How to Pick an Executor for Your Estate

Rodney Brooks
May 9, 2024

It’s difficult to pick an executor or trustee to implement your wishes after your death. Your favorite child is usually your favorite for a reason, but that doesn’t  mean that s/he is best suited to be your executor. And an attorney or trust firm may be a safe choice, but fees could make that too expensive for your taste.

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Authored By Rodney A. Brooks

TRAFOTFBThe author tells the history of the Freedman’s Savings Bank, how it grew much too quickly, why it failed and the impact on Black America. The Freedman’s Bank offered a safe depository for formerly enslaved people, expanded quickly and gained millions in deposits – mostly ranging from $5 to $50. But inexperience and corruption doomed it to failure, costing may of the small depositors their savings.

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“Rodney A. Brooks’ ‘Fixing the Racial Wealth Gap’ is one of the best written and most prescriptive books I’ve read on this prickly subject. Using powerful stats, stories and insightful wisdom, it is written from the heart, mind, body and spirit … plus years of research and thought as a mainstream journalist, Fixing the Racial Wealth Gap is revealing, humorous, instructive and sobering.” – Dr. George C. Fraser

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